The Importance Of Animal Welfare

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Anatole France once said “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Animals have been slowly losing their independence for decades. It all started when the pilgrims came to the Americas from other countries. Animals were forced to leave their homes in order for the newcomers to have a place to live. Humans have completely taken over the places where animals used to roam freely. Animals do not have rights due to the lack of human knowledge, facilities such as zoos and the use of animals research. Animal rights and welfare are commonly confused. Animal welfare keeps animals from being abused or from suffering. Laws such as the Animal Welfare Act. guarantee animals the right to animal welfare. This means that animals can still be taken out of their homes and experience great suffering as long as the owner is not physically abusing them. On the other hand, animal rights says that animals should not be kept in anyway or by anyone that takes them out of…show more content…
Animals suffer greatly when taken out of their natural habitat (Aronson). People have been restricting animal independence for years. Animals have been put in zoos and other places solely for the benefit of humans (Issitt). “We all go to great lengths to ensure our own survival and the survival of our families and communities.” (Aronson). Therefore why should the freedom of animals be taken away for the benefit of humans. People would rather focus on what they want and like rather than what is better for the whole world and everything on it. In 2006, the AETA was passed, allowing animals to be kept in zoos, research facilities or with breeders and then killed for food (Issitt). Animals deserve the right to live the life they choose. They deserve to be free from suffering. “ We are not superior to animals. We are different than them, but we all have equal inherent value.”
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