Why Do Athletes Get A Salary

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Even Though athletes bust their butts playing sports, they also don 't need that much money in a salary. Most athletes spend their money on drugs and on alcohol that could hurt them. They end up going to jail after they go out and buy them drugs. One of the most important reasons why athletes should not earn a huge salary is because with all of the money they will buy drugs. Some of the athletes give money to charity to help kids that need it. Most athletes spend their money on drugs and alcohol that could hurt them and their career. They could also be caught and sent to jail and have a bad reputation. Once people realize that the athlete has done been in jail they will be disliked by the fans and the team. Another important reason that athletes should get a lower paying salary is because they should be doing the sport because they have the love for the game, not because of the money. Playing a sport requires dedication and hard work. In addition they should like what they are doing, if they are playing that sport they should do it for the team and for their family, not for the money. Instead of worrying about the money they should worry about the team and the game. Most athletes are doing it for the money now, but they should have a passion for what they are doing.…show more content…
Some athletes think about the children that need it here in america. They donate their money to charity and to the people that need it. But they still do many horrible drugs that could hurt them and influence the smaller children to do the same. Even Though some athletes do good with their money, their are also some that do bad with ir also. Athletes’ salary need to be cut lower because their are other people in the world that need
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