Why Do Athletes Get Overpaid

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Many athletes use their fame and fortune to make the world a better place. They are extremely talented and amazing at what they do. Some people believe that athletes are overpaid, and that they don’t deserve to get paid as much as they do. People are starting to get furious because it seems like every year athlete get paid more. In my opinion, I don't think they get overpaid. There is an amazing amount of reasons why I think these athletes are not overpaid. To start, athletes face injures that can be not only career-ending but also life-altering. They are willing to overwork their body and face pain for what they love. Many athletes have chronic health problems because of the strain they put on their bodies. This leads to many medical bills and problems. Some players will have to live with the pain their whole life. To continue, athletes also cause jobs to exist. For example, there are coaches, cheerleaders, sports journalist, the people who run the whole program, and many more people behind the scenes. If it weren't for these players, their jobs would be dispelled. The coaches wouldn't be coaching and the cheerleaders wouldn't be cheering. On the other hand, athletes also have their own bills to pay. They have medical bills, house bills,…show more content…
Those people are helping them get paid. We are the ones who sometimes cuss out the referees to support the players, or the people who fill up the whole stadiums in cold or hot weather. Most of these athletes are playing for us; not just for themselves. I’m not saying that the people who save lives and teach kids don't get paid enough, but i'm not saying athletes get paid too much ether. I believe athletes deserve to get paid as much as they do because of how hard they worked to get where they stand in their careers. They are fantastic at their job and help the world and make their fans happy. I don’t think you can put a price on

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