Why Do Athletes Get Paid

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Athletes can become millionaires in a single instant but, become broke after 2-3 years of retirement. Athletes are getting paid too much money. They get paid a lot of money then go out and spend it causing them to gain a spending problem. When they stop earning money they go broke. Get rid of that huge salary. Athletes aren’t doing anything important for our environment or the human race. First off, athletes are getting paid to hit a ball around with a stick or kick a ball into a net. There are people like policemen and firemen who deserve that kind of money. They save lives every day. Also, athletes have caused people to sit inside and watch TV. People should be going outside and playing instead of sitting around watching a screen. Even if they go to the actual game they have to pay a lot of money and they are still sitting around eating junk food. They are not helping us with our health. Finally, athletes buy more than they need which creates more garbage and most of that waste probably wasn´t used. One athlete bought 5 cars but didn’t even know how to drive them. He bought something he wasn't going to use for a long time. Anyway, athletes don’t help us or our environment with the tons of money they make. Athletes earn…show more content…
For one thing, those people worked hard for the money they made. Athletes make tons of money by hitting a ball with a stick of wood or throwing a ball around. Next, these people don’t make that much more money than pro athletes. For example, Michael Fascitelli made $64.4 million in 2013. Another example, Ralph Lauren in 1976 earned $7.5 billion. Then, the people who are getting this kind of money know how to handle it. They don’t go bankrupt after 2-3 years of retirement like athletes. Anyways, there are people who make more money than pro athletes but, those people deserve the money they
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