Why Do Athletes Use Anabolic Steroids

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In our world today, scientists invent new enhancing drugs that affect our athletes. Athletes shouldn't be allowed to use enhancement drugs for their benefit because they put their own lives' at risk, affect our future generations, and cheat in the spirit of the sport. Some athletes illegally inject or intake illegal supplements to their body for their own benefit. Athletes would do anything to be the fastest and strongest runner, swimmer, or football player. As Nishan Guha in his article, "Growth hormone abuse: A Threat to Elite Sport" stated, "198 elite athletes were asked if they would use a banned performance- enhancing substance under two different scenarios. 195 athletes said yes if they scenario was 'you will not be caught and you will win' " Unbelievably, any athlete is just waiting for any opportunity that gives him an advantage over his opponents. Although some athletes would accept it, it is still not permitted and strictly administrated at any sports competition. People forward to the enhancing of drugs in sports say athletes have the right to do anything they want to there bodies and that know what could be the consequences. First of all, athletes shouldn't do this to their…show more content…
For instance, an athlete could be a role model. For some children, athletes are their role models. They look up to them and dream one day they could be like them. Due to this, drugs shouldn't be allowed in sports. It would gradually affect our future athlete generation who barely know anything. Futhermore, professional athletes have been motivated and convinced to use drugs with little understanding of the healthy risks of the supplement(s). Therefore, it is a worrying alarm to parents because our innocent young athletes rely on adults for their enlightenment. if this is the case what would our defenseless adolescent athletes do? They would easily be manipulated and start in taking drugs into their vulnerable and innocent
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