Why Do Athletes Use Steroids

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Drugs and athletes Famous athletes do drugs make them feel and do better on the field or on the court. Many of athletes began using steroids in the late twentieth century. Many athletes have been banned from playing the sport that they love. Most of the major sports have made rules for using or having possession with drugs. Athletes want to make themselves better, but don’t actually want to work to gain muscle mass the right way, so this is why they take steroids. “Drugs used in sports seem like a modern problem, Athletes use drugs and other substances to gain an edge for thousands of years “Drugs and Athletes”. Athletes use steroids and have been banned from playing their sport. Many sports such as the major league baseball, national hockey league, national football league, have made rules for using steroids. Most of the athletes have got into trouble with the law for having or using illegal substances. There has been many major league baseball players that have been using steroids in the early 90’s and till this day. A pitcher from the Los Angeles Dodgers, Steve Howe. He had a hard time with drugs. He struggled with cocaine and alcohol. Later in his life, he wanted to change his habits and go to rehab. He went back and forth to rehab for a whole decade,…show more content…
Many major league players keep trying to deny that they do not take steroids. “Implicates several MLB (major league baseball) players, including both Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire, has have taken steroids or other PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) (steroids in baseball gale). Barry bond gives evidence that he had PED’s, he was told that they were natural supplements and arthritis medication. The International Olympic Committee banned steroids for athletes that compete in the Olympics. Over the years leagues start to ban the substances

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