Why Do Athletes Use Steroids?

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In today’s society, sports happen to be an important part of culture. Whether it be watching or participating in the sport, it is easily seen that cheating is occurring more often. Some may say that cheating is the easier route to take because losing is too discouraging. Consequences for athletes such as the side effects of steroids, disqualification, and winning with guilt, are important because it reminds a person that cheating is not worth the time or action. The side effects of steroids are serious consequences that athletes face in sports because the harmful damages being done to their health is a painful reminder that cheating is the wrong way to go. Typically the athletes using the steroids are unaware of how dangerous the effects are to the body. Often enough, it is known that when athletes use steroids they can not control their raging anger and it leads them to participate in violent acts of behavior. In addition, steroids can interfere with the immune system by creating blood clots and having possible heart attacks. Zev Chafets states “In a rage, they formed a posse to drive the users out of the game,” and “Purist say that steroids alter the game” (22). Obviously, people will be ashamed to find out that their favorite athlete has been cheating. Steroids…show more content…
Disqualifying an athlete for cheating can cause an unwanted reputation to follow along with him or her for the rest of their career. Even if it is the athlete 's first time cheating, being disqualified will cause people to be aware of the cheating action and the athlete is no longer known for being “the best”. Cheating is not worth tarnishing a great reputation that was made from hard work and dedication. When an athlete is being disqualified they are reminded that the cheating action was a disgraceful decision to make and it was not worth the
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