Sleeping Deprivation

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Everyone knows that bad night sleep can easily affect the whole day. Sleeping less hours could lead to a bad mood and low performance in a day activities. Any Athletes person work hard to achieve his goal, from training to diet. There 's a simple thing they might oversee going to bed early. Most people need approximately 7-9 hours of sleep to have active day, on the other hand athlete’s people need more hours of sleeping to be hyper and energetic next day. Lack of sleep affects sports performance, additional emphasizes the potential impact of sleep deprivation, in specific, damages to glucose metabolism may prove problematic for athletes who rely on their energy supplies to perform to the best of their ability (Kyle) .In fact, and athletes may benefit from even more sleep than the average person. According to Christophe Hausswirth’s book sleeping disruption or deprivation can negatively affect exercise performance.…show more content…
My experiment is about going to the gym 6 times in one week to find the accurate result for the experiment. For the first 3 days I will not have enough sleeping hour (less than 8 hours), and I go to the gym to look at my performance is high or low in the gym. Letter, the next 3 days I will…show more content…
2- Gym (bench bar). Independent variables: hours of sleeping at night (enough time). Dependent variables: high performance in the gym. Fixed variables: post workout (how many meals you eat) – gym partner. Control group: I sleep enough time and I don’t go to the gym. The experiment data collected into two groups. First step every time I went to the bed I set my alarm and woke up the next day account how many hours I slept at night. Second step at the gym I write in a small note how many reps I have done each day this how I measured my
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