Why Do Beauty Pageants Bad

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Imagine young girls across the nation, getting dressed up in tight small outfits, covered with fake tans, and hair teased to the sky, getting ready to do a provocative dance in front of judges, this is beauty pageants. Beauty Pageants have been around since the 1920’s, but Child beauty pageants started in the 60’s. Yes, they have been around that long! Unfortunately, no one had stopped the abusive phenomenon. That is because of the supporters of beauty pageants, who think it is positive towards young girls, but they don’t realize pageants exposes young girls to predators, and makes them turn to adults too early. Beauty Pageants should not be allowed because they poorly influence young girls, they are inappropriate, and it creates bad parenting.…show more content…
For example, “It’s up to the parents to guide their children along the right path,” insisted Hart. “It’s not the pageants. It’s the parents.” (Child Beauty Pageants). Therefore, the parents are the ones to guide their children down the right path, bringing their children down the beauty pageant path, can be straight up bad parenting from forcing their children to get all glammed up for competitions. Also, parents force their children to participate in pageants for the money and prizes, “According to writer Andrew Stephen, pageant girls "learn that they are being valued only by conforming to an idealised, unreal version of feminine beauty, while the parents...grow only to measure their self-worth by their children 's triumphs and losses. The result is hollow children and narcissistic parents." (Child Beauty Pageants). The parents unknowing allow their children become brainwashed to be only valued for the ideal, unreal of feminine stereotype. Which sadly, leads to parents who use their children for money, and insecure children. Next, beauty pageants interfere with the childrens normal activities like school, “Long practice sessions are the norm and interfere with social activities, sleep and homework. Just the other day, a popular dance show featured adults candidly admitting that they encourage activity over education.” (Cartwright). The parents put all this dancing, and preparing for the next pageant on the children instead of giving them education and letting them have a regular childhood, "Children who participate in beauty pageants also miss out on playing, which is an important part of childhood development." (Wiehe). Lastly, beauty pageants is the problem, but irresponsible and cruel parents are the
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