Why Do Bigfoot Exist

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Bigfoot: Are They Out There? Throughout history, there have been tales of a large beast roaming the forests and mountains living just outside societies’ vision, some tales include horrific tragedy, others include a peaceful encounter, which resulted in the animal being left alone. The creature, at the center of these tales is called Bigfoot, or the Sasquatch, the Yeren in China, or even the Yowie in Australia, and is a mystical creature that has eluded those who seek it, and even those who are skeptics. Throughout history, there have been sightings of this Bigfoot, and there is scientific proof that Bigfoot exists, and there are detailed descriptions of this animal, to back up these descriptions of the beast, there are those who have degrees in cryptozoology who can back up these sightings with facts, and prove just how real Bigfoot is. During the course of history, people have…show more content…
Ever since the first Bigfoot sighting, in 1811 there has been disputes on whether or not, this creature could even exist for so long without others finding it, but there are those who claim they “know what they saw” and those people are ones who have had close encounters with Bigfoot. Although many say that Bigfoot is a hoax, there are those who firmly believe in the fact that they are truly out there, and there are multiple well-funded Bigfoot research groups, working to find them, and prove their existence. Research groups such as the Sasquatch Genome Project work together with those in the world who have seen Bigfoot, and try and debunk those who are loony, and also find the ones that may have some legitimacy to them. Overall, people seem to agree on one thing when it comes to Bigfoot, and that’s their appearance. Most descriptions start with saying that their build is very large, powerful, muscular, and
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