Why Do Body Cameras Affect Police Brutality?

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As people continue to respond to the killing of Michael Brown and the issue of police brutality. Many citizens of the United States say that putting body cameras on police would be a good solution. What people are trying to say is that the police do need cameras because for all the misleading and confusing stories. Americans want cameras on police to prevent any mix-up. Police brutality is a very serious issue and there are ways to resolve the issue. One might say, "Well cops have nothing to hide so it shouldn 't be a big problem for them to have the cameras right?" But regardless of the person who says that, police are humans too. Body cameras in policing will improve the accountability of each officer because people behave differently when they know they are being watched and police should feel the same way. The first reason why police should wear body cameras is because when police use the camera, the camera will…show more content…
In a Harvard Law Review they look at body cameras in policing. In the Harvard Law Review they point out the reasons of improvement in officer training. Americans want body cameras so that there would be an improvement in relations between police and the people they serve. The use of body cameras will result in holding officers accountable. Harvard Law Review states that that body cameras should be worn during the officers training as well. Recordings could be used as training tools in correcting the way officers interact with the public. The footage may also be used for training programs to demonstrate what it actually looks like in civilian encounters (1802). It would also be helpful in watching new officers. If the officer were to make a mistake it would be on recording and the officer would be able to go back and watch with their supervisor to fix the situation, and how to deal with it the next time the officer encounters someone

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