Why Do Books Should Be Banned

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Dr. Seuss is quoted with saying, “The more that you read, the more things that you know. The more that you learn, the more places you go.” The information a reader reads can affect them in both positive and negative ways. Counterclaim: For this reason, library chairmen and executives ban certain books from being placed on their shelves. However, this action takes away the responsibility of readers to select a good book. Claim: Furthermore, books should not be censored and readers should be able to choose how to read and how to learn Understandably, some books may be inappropriate for certain individuals to read. This would be why books would be banned in the first place, to protect children from choosing a bad book. However, Jamie Leigh says, “…when it comes to censorship, is that one individual disagreement—or even widespread dispute—over an idea or form of expression does not justify restricting access for others to the same information…” Also, many books are banned for unjust reasons. For instance, To Kill a Mockingbird was banned for promoting white supremacy ("WHY WAS IT BANNED?"). However, this well written novel does no such thing. The book was written in a period of time before civil rights took root, so there was white supremacy, but the focus is not on that. It is on the lessons that Scout learns about protecting…show more content…
First off, readers should learn how choose books wisely. Sharon Coatney is reported as saying, “It 's more important for us to think about how we should be educating our students to make good choices, to know what is worthwhile and to be able to think logically and weigh all ideas in order to choose wisely.” (Banned Books: A School Librarian 's Perspective) In addition, writers should be able to have their work published with freedom. The First Amendment in the United States Constitution clearly says that we have the write to say what we want and how we want it said
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