Why Do Boys Become Savage

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Piggy has a different perspective to things than most of the other boys. In the Lord of the Flies by William Golding, civilization and rules have been tough to agree on, and with no parents, the boys do not have to agree on anything. When Ralph is elected leader, tensions grow as Jack is upset with the decision of him not being leader. This resentment turns into hate and fear, which results in Jack’s savage side being brought out. Piggy, the brains of the island, is faced with criticism for his looks and for trying to assist Ralph with his chief duties. When Jack and his choir hunt, he gets so engrossed in the activity, things turn out to be more like a necessity than just a pig here and there for meat. Eventually, Jack is so hungry for hunting and with ‘the dance’ earlier…show more content…
It is said that all people are savage but the way they are taught or the circumstances that someone is in can affect that. “There were, I believe, gangs of children who had lost their parents. Dispossessed, without anywhere to live or anything to live on, they roamed the country attacking and killing out of sheer cruelty” (Goulding “Why Boys Become Vicious” 1). In Lord of the Flies, the boys had been brought up in civilization with certain disciplines. Taking place during WWII, they were separated without contact to any adults on an inhabited island. Being stranded at first seemed fun. They would have rules and go adventures like in the books. Things were peaceful until the cruelty of one of the boys, Jack, was unleashed. The savage inside of him was taken as bravery by the other boys as he showed some persuading qualities. The cruelty in one can influence the savagery of
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