Why Do Business Should Go Green Essay

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All businesses should go green

Alongside individual and group activities, businesses and organizations are noteworthy part of pollution. Our planet faces serious environmental problems, however most of the companies do not think about the consequences of their activities. According to Naqa'a Enterprise, an emerging social enterprise of young professionals committed to promoting the concept of environmental sustainability, the average business consumes 3.6 tons of paper/year -the equivalence of a large garden full of trees. Businesses should go green if they want to have a healthy planet to do business on.

One of the main reasons why businesses should go green is because pollution causes significant damages. Some of the examples are insufficient supply of water, soil pollution, wildlife extinction and finally, global warming. Many human
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Making steps toward environmental friendliness will help businesses to be appreciated in a community. “Green” businesses usually have competitive advantage. Ethically aware customers prefer companies that care about the environment. According to a recent survey of San Francisco Green Businesses, 42% reported an increase in business since receiving their recognition of being eco friendly. Public image may not be the most attractive motivation for the companies to go green, but it also shows its result on their profit. One of the fundamental concepts of successful business is the “Profit, People, Planet’’ principle, which introduces the idea that all companies should care about this three things. A lot of customers are ready to buy ‘’green’’ products, but they need the companies to lead them and to produce more and better Earth-friendly products. Businesses should not underestimate the power of customers’ observation and make sure that under the green packaging with a green logo is a real ecologically friendly and healthy

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