Why Do Cars Get Better

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Time after time technology has proven to be the cause for a greater good. Improvements in technology have helped with the development of research, health care and cures, along with automobiles. Technology has been proven to make life easier, however it has been a damper on the pockets of the consumers. It beginning to be perceived that the more technological we get as a society the less wealthy we become. The article I have chosen asked the question, “why aren’t insurance rates dropping as cars get safer?” The article presented many reasons for why insurance rates aren’t dropping in the auto industry. Premiums haven’t been proven to increase but they certainly aren’t decreasing. The simplest way to answer the question is: cars are getting safer, but the drivers aren’t getting any better. The lack of efficient driver’s education has strengthen this clause. While vehicles are getting safer overall, these cars are getting more expensive to repair; this costs the insurance companies more money. Another reason that insurance rates haven’t dropped is there are more people on the road due to the progressive economy which increases the likelihood of accidents as a whole. In a sense, the advancements in technology have given rise to morale hazards. If you are aware that your vehicle will stop for you when traffic flow slows down, you may be prone to text your…show more content…
Drivers are behaving more carelessly, and they are costing the insurance companies about the same with their fancy cars. In my opinion, insurance companies are handling these technological advancements very fairly. I believe it is the most appropriate decision to not lower the deductibles and premiums because drivers have become reckless and careless; which can relate back to morale hazard discussed in this
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