Why Do Celebrities Deserve Punishment

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There is no doubt that anyone who breaks the law deserves to be punished accordingly. The punishment does not necessarily need to be a prison sentence; it could be community service, hard labor, or a heavy fine. However, there should be some variation of punishment because if there is no reinforcement it sends a message. This message is what the public society receives from celebrities convicted in the news. The message relays that breaking the law is acceptable and will not hold an individual accountable. This is why celebrities who have made an infraction of the law should indeed receive harsher punishment. Their renown status, moral decisions, and public lifestyle demonstrate why celebrities are suitable contenders for a harsher order of law enforcement. There actions ripple through our culture. Celebrities hold a high status among other individuals. They are put on a pedestal for all to see and admire their work. But, like every normal person, there are bound to be slip-ups at some point. It just so happens that when celebrities slip-up it is on full display but that should not distract from the fact that they should be held more accountable. When a celebrity becomes a public figure it is his/her conscience choice. Celebrities are viewed as role models and idols in our society this is just one reason why they should receive larger punishment. In 2009, Chris Brown was charged with assault on his then girlfriend, Rihanna. Although, there were visible marks on her body

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