Why Do Chemical Weapons Be Banned

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Chemical Warfare easily played a big role in many of our World Wars. Chemical Warfare is using chemical compounds as a weapon to use in war that involves toxic properties. It happens to be very deadly and was a way to kill an area within seconds. Since the founding of chemical warfare, many scientists like to call it a weapon of mass destruction. Many countries have decided to ban the substances all together, but because there are weaker armies those countries have chosen to keep all substances to use for fighting in battles. With this happening, the countries that banned all chemical warfare have to find a way to protect themselves from breathing in these compounds and to stay in battle to fight off these other countries. In the article written by Harold Maass, he asked the question of why chemical warfare is different from other weapons, “In a literal sense, they 're not, since the goal of warfare is to kill lots of people in an efficient way. Bombs, missiles, and other munitions achieve very similar results, especially when dropped on civilian areas. But chemical weapons evoke a strong emotional response, perhaps…show more content…
Chemical warfare has never been fully banned completely. Chemical weapons were only to be used if countries wanted to produce or stock them up. “Even the Nazis — who used gas to murder prisoners in masses in concentration camps — never unleashed gases on the battlefield,” says Harold Maass. Even though the Nazis used this weapon to kill large groups of people who were held captive, they never got the idea to use it in war. For a while, many countries wanted this banned for good. Harold continued to explain, “In 1899, major Western nations participating in the Hague Peace Conference went further, approving an agreement to prohibit the firing of any projectiles "the sole object of which is the diffusion of asphyxiating or deleterious gases." The ban didn 't stand long.” The government could have tried everything and would only succeed for a short
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