Why Do Children Affect Temperament

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Children are a precious blessing or to many the thought of having a child is a welcome blessing and a gift from God. On the other hand, some might not share that same sentiment with much enthusiasm. Nonetheless when these little fussy, adorable bundles of joy arrive, one might not help but admire how cute they are or who carries a striking resemblance to which parent or a trait highly undeniable gene pool. Though they might have a striking resemblance to their parents, each child has his or her own identity and personality. All youngsters are conceived with a one of a kind identity and personality. Their personality influences how they carry on and respond to circumstances later in life. One’s environment plays an integral role in shaping us…show more content…
So, as a parent, it is important to recognize individual differences in your child’s temperament and to help him understand the impact of his temperament on other family members. It is also important that you know yourself and recognize your own unique temperament, and that you are aware how your behavioral style affects daily life in your family. Awareness of individual differences in temperament provides a positive way to prevent and manage problems that can result from a mismatch of behavioral styles within your family. Children who misbehave often do so not out of malice, but out of ignorance, boredom, or frustration, and simply need to be taught, listened to, or redirected. A child who is ignored by his parents often misbehaves to seek attention. When parents respond immediately to attention-seeking misbehaviors, such as temper tantrums or screaming, it inadvertently reinforces that behavior. AS children we develop our opinions about ourselves by observing the way significant others respond to and communicate to us. Our parent's feedback or opinions about us as children are social mirrors in which they use later in life to form self-images and
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