Should College Athletes Deserve To Get Paid

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March, one of the best months of the year for a lot of people. Why? The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament takes place in March. The tournament is more commonly known as March Madness. It’s a tournament that is very fun to watch and is watched nationwide and possibly world wide. But all of the college players we enjoy watching, probably want money. The topic of college athletes getting paid has been an issue for a long time. Well, let’s settle it, yes, they do deserve to be getting paid. The athletes spend a lot of time on their respective sport, the NCAA spends a lot on the student athletes, and the athletes make their university/school and the NCAA lots of money. For all these reasons, pay college athletes.

First of all, the athletes spend a lot of time of whatever sport it is they’re playing. For example, in an article titled Here's The Insane Amount Of Time Student-Athletes Spend On Practice, by Peter Jacobs, it says that the student athletes miss a lot of school for practice, games, road games,
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Michael WIlbon, author of College athletes deserve to be paid, says CBS pays the NCAA $10.8 billion to broadcast three weekends of the college athletes playing basketball (March Madness). That money could easily be used to pay the athletes making all the money for the NCAA, but no, the NCAA plays selfish and keeps it for themselves. To add on, the coaches of the athletes are getting millions of dollars. Guess what? Without these student-athletes, the coaches would be nothing. No matter how good they are at coaching. Fix it and pay the college athletes. One final reason, for 5 FBS bowl games (football) the NCAA makes around $170 million. That is way too much money to keep to yourself, NCAA. The NCAA has the money to distribute to the athletes, but as of now they keep it all to themselves, besides the equipment, clothing, and accessories they buy. It needs to change, because the athletes make them so much
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