Essay On Why College Should Be Paid

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In today's world, education plays a vital role in the development of a person. We can easily distinguish between an educated person and an uneducated person. Education is compulsory for every human being. And not to mention the cut-throat competition in the professional life. Many of the students these days who aren't serious about there studies are thinking that they can easily earn a handsome amount without going to college and just only by using their skills. Obviously, a good salary will be paid to a worker according to his qualifications and experience. If a person doesn't even fall in the criteria then how he could expect a better salary? How Much More Do College Graduates Earn Than Non-college Graduates? Keep on reading to find out!…show more content…
Many people think that it is just an extra burden on them by paying high college feeses. If you are willing to secure a good degree then it is obvious that you have to join a good college with a better reputation but at this point, many people fail to take admission in good colleges due to the hurdle of money. Many people think about going to college as pretty normal and plan for it without much of a second thought. A good College gives you a surety of a better future. The college cost varies according to the courses so one should keep in mind that what course is he willing to do? and can he afford the expenses on it? Source: The average tuition cost (excluding room board, and books) is around $9,000 for public in-state students and around $22,000 for the public out of state students. The private colleges in any part of the world are more expensive than the government ones and only those students wish to go there who can easily pay all the expenses. These are some of the following expenses of a college Hostel Fee Tuition Fee Security Fee Mess Fee This is why many people can't afford to go to college, and this number is not even including a uniform or books needed for
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