Why Do Competitive Sports Cause Too Much Negative Pressure

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Have you ever been pressured to do something you don 't want to be a part of? There is a debate about competitive sports in school across America. It 's either great because you get to use real world tasks, or it can either be horrible because you can sadly, get addicted to drugs. Competitive Sports causes too much negative pressure because kids push themselves too far which leads to drugs,. Parents at times live their fantasy through their kids and pressure from teammates and coaches can ruin the athlete 's self-esteem. Competitive Sports causes too much negative pressure because, it pushes kids way to far. "Five percent of middle and high school students have used anabolic steroids to put on muscle, and that as many as one-third of boys…show more content…
""It 's become a win-at-all-costs culture," said Jason Sacks, executive director of the Positive Coaching Alliance (a Chicago-based national nonprofit organization founded at Stanford University). "Seventy percent of children drop out of sports by age 13, and a big reason is that their parents are putting too much pressure on them," he explained. Maybe doing this because they never got the chance to when they were younger. "At 13, Ben Hyman was a prized pitcher for a local team when his shoulder began to hurt. Despite a professional assessment that Ben’s problem was caused by throwing too many baseballs and a recommendation to rest his arm up to a month, his father put him in the game, and again three days later, urging him to 'blaze a trail to the championship. ' When the injured boy began 'lamely lobbing balls at home plate, ' Mr. Hyman realized his foolish shortsightedness in putting winning ahead of his son’s well-being." No matter athletes conditions, they may not speak about it or discuss it with their parent because later on their parent will be "disgusted" with them or just plain disappointed. To sum this up, not just kids push themselves too far, but also parents, too. Like what I just said, is not just the

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