Why Do Convicted Felons Have A Second Chance In Society

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Ebony Coburn
Exploratory Essay
August 31, 2016
Do convicted felons have a second chance in society? In 2008, I committed a non-violent crime labeling me has a convicted felon. I was sentenced eight months of house arrest and five years of supervision. As harsh the sentence may seem, I changed my life completely by learning from my past and was released early from my sentencing. When I was released my probation officer and I were discussing my potential plans, and she said bluntly that I would not get a job in the career I had chosen. At that moment, I decided that I was going prove her wrong and finish my degree in accounting. However, a year after graduating from Southwest TN. Community College I was not able to find a job due to my criminal background. In that matter, convicted felon in my opinion do not have a true chance to re-enter society.
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Many felons go back to the same iniquitous behavior because after they served their time society still punish them with voting rights, the ability of carrying a gun, or even basic as getting an apartment. I truly believe in some cases, not having a second chance results in having a high unemployment and crime rate. The idea that people deserve a second chance is an important American value. In 2010, there were over 2 million individuals classified as a felon in the United States. When is America going to wake up and realize our brothers and sisters need help? I say this because the United States of American is a country that is so rich in so many resources they

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