Why Do Cops Use Excessive Force

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There’s a lot going on about the world and how cops use excessive force when it comes to taking down the bad guy.This topic focuses on the black lives matter movement because they are letting cops get away with murder because the color of their skin and they wear a blue uniform with a badge. In many cases such as Michael Brown, Christian Thomas, and the little African American who the cop threw out the chair in SC. where the authority use excessive force to make their position clear in the society, but they do it too extreme and not needed. While sometime the amount of force is needed to withstand the victim , police abuse their authority in many cases because they can and is not needed but racial bias is playing a part. In many cases, the use of excessive force is needed, but also in many cases it’s not. I’m not saying all cops are bad and commit these types of crimes, but personally I wouldn’t trust any cops because of the facts what’s going on around me. The cops will kill blacks…show more content…
The movie was based off a true story and was talking about a man named Oscar Grant III. They showed his lifestyle and how on New Year’s he was on a train hanging out with his girlfriend and friends but he had got into a fight with someone he he use to know. The cops drug him off the train put him in in handcuffs, turned him over and shot him because they said he was resisting arrest. This incident was recorded by some of the passengers on the train where he was at. Although the cop was charged with first degree murder, he only served 11 months in jail and then was released on probation. I had did some research on first degree murder and it says you can serve 25 years to life for committing this crime. The cop did not serve that amount of time, he basically did not serve anything because he’s a free man and was able to go home to his wife and kids unlike Oscar Grant the man he had
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