Why Do Criminals Commit Crime Essay

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Crime is anything which is against the criminal law. Crime is socially constructed and can vary from cultures to cultures. A specific act can be considered a crime in Turkey but not in Uganda. Since crime is related to society, it is seen as a symptomatic breakdown of a society. Resultantly the explanation and reasons as to why criminals commit crime becomes necessary. It can be better explained by having a close look at individual criminals and their environment, culture, economic background or their social culture (Croall, 6). Additionally, crime is also related to the effects of rapid social and economic change (Durkheim qtd. in Croall). Due to the reason that individual decisions are made in a social context, crime becomes an issue due to the social, economic and cultural reasons rather than being just an individual choice or inheritance from parents.
It is often suggested by some people that it is the individual offenders who commit crime based on their personal decision. While choosing between what kind of crime to commit or not, self-control is necessary. However, it should be taken into account that the individual decisions are made as a result of social, cultural and economic situation of the criminals
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Thus, the intellectual, emotional and physical attributes we develop are abundantly influenced and affected by our interactions with the physical environment with the other groups and people. Moreover, the everyday activities of people in a physical environment can have significant effects on when and where opportunities for crime occur. In other words, a crime is not possible unless a motivated and able offender interacts or comes into contact with a property , victim, or unlawful substance or behavior in the absence of proficient and capable
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