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WHY BUY diamonds
Diamonds jewelry is a rare luxury commodity making it an item that you cannot buy on a whim. Though their practical uses are limited, their beauty shining and dazzling qualities makes a case for their purchase. Over decades it has diamonds have become to be recognized universally as an embodiment of distinction, uniqueness, reliability, inner strength endurance and stability. Due to some of its qualities, its prohibitive value not withholding, the value attached to the diamond jewelry have driven numerous people in a frantic race to have a piece of this precious rock for themselves and their loved ones.
1. Symbol of longevity
Diamonds have valuable qualities such as durability, clarity and longevity. Practically diamonds can
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Item of Luxury
Diamond being a commodity of ostentation drives most of the people to purchase diamonds due to their inherent cultural, psychological and economic luxury value. As the saying goes, desires rule over needs as far as customer preferences are concerned. People naturally tend to attach their emotions to luxurious purchases; this perfectly serves as a reason for the purchase of diamond since it is interplay of the buyer emotion and motivation. Buying a piece of diamond jewelry is definitely a true status symbol.
3. Self-treat
Reflecting on the qualities of a diamond, some may purchase the diamond jewelry for themselves as a mark of one’s distinctive, dazzling and radiant personality. Diamonds also serve as an expression of ones sparkle, inner strength and reliability.
4. Form of a Gift
Diamond is a natural choice to reward someone for incredible performance or achievement of a significant goal. When diamonds are given as a gift, the intention is to transfer the symbolic value and qualities of the diamond in the form of a gift. The elemental nature of diamond reflects joy and importance of celebration. These gifts can be in the form of fancy rings, bangles or loose diamonds embedded on objects like trophies and wrist

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