Why Do Famous People Deserve Privacy

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Although people decided to live the life famous, they should still receive some type of privacy like everyone else. All the paparazzi following famous people around can cause them to break, which is what the paparazzi wants. There is plenty of information to help prove how much they need their own space like everyone else. In my opinion, famous people and their children need privacy to help them stay sane and happy. There are many people all over the internet who are agreeing that famous people deserve privacy. One person said, “Children are growing up, and the public knowing every little thing there is to know about them , It's dangerous to have paparazzi swarming around them 24/7 everyday! I know they signed up to fame and all but they didn't sign up to paparazzi being around them all the time” (Should Celebrities Have More Privacy?). They mean that when a famous person has a child everyone has to learn about…show more content…
Would you want to be followed around and have a ton of photos taken of you? You would to try to hide your face or disguise your whole body just to get to your car. It would get tiring and one day you may freak out in front of the cameras, just like a few already have. On ABC news, there was a fight recorded between many surfers and the paparazzi (they were trying to capture photos of Matthew McConaughey). One surfer came forward and said, “They don't want you here. Nobody wants you here"(The Fight for Celebrity Privacy Turns Violent). After saying this, the photographers refused to leave, so all the surfers gathered around them and fists started flying. One last thing the surfer said was, "Let's draw a line and we'll fight for the beach, if you win, you can have the beach"(The Fight for Celebrity Privacy Turns Violent). This reason is why it is bad to have them follow famous people around too much. It drives them and others to attack the paparazzi, which causes both sides to get hurt physically or

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