Why Do Felons Deserve To Vote

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Former Felons Deserve to Vote Felons can permanently lose their right to vote in ten different states and have their voting rights restricted in thirty-eight of them, this means that in forty-eight states there are people who are not able to express their opinion, they have had their voice taken from them. Many people who were once convicted of a felony want to change their life around, they want to be a normal civilian to the United States, not someone seen as a juvenile or a law breaker. Being able to vote is a right and part of being a U.S. citizen, these people have had part of their citizenship taken from them, some won’t ever have that piece of citizenship for the rest of their life because of human disenfranchisement, a law passed in 1789. This law stated that all felons, blacks, and women were not allowed to vote. Since the passing of this law blacks and women were given their rights to vote however felons never were. Stripping people of their…show more content…
People aren’t ready to forgive felons for what they have done in the past and believe they shouldn’t be given their rights back. If there exists a way for a former felon to regain their rights in some states they should at least allow clemency in every state that disenfranchises felons. If clemency exists than someone out there sees that some felons deserve to regain their rights and if they don’t deserve it they would probably end up in jail again, so former felons should be given their rights back after some sort of process to check whether they are actually ready to regain their rights. This process should be mandatory after serving your jail time so that you can easily regain your rights without having to go through the rough process of
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