Why Do Girls Have Dress Codes

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Cameron Boland, Stephanie Hughes, Evette Reay, Miranda Larkin, Tessa Wisloh, Elizabeth Cary, Kylie, Kaitlyn Juvik and Ross Lynn. Nine girls, living in different parts of the country, who are different ages and live by different religions have nothing in common but two things. They are girls, and all victims of the “Dress Code Policy.” Girls all over the country have been body shamed, suspended from their school, and even kicked off of an honor roll because they weren’t wearing the right shade of green, or their collar bones were showing, or even a little girls hair being too poofy. Dress code is sexist to girls of all ages and should be looked over more thoroughly and reconsidered. Have you ever received something that you feel was important to you? Something that you felt you would look good and feel confident in? Something that you did not think was going to be something to get you into trouble? Schools all over the country have been suspending girls for the way that they dress, just because they believe it is distracting a boys way of learning, they are “too revealing,” or simply because it doesn’t fit…show more content…
Kylie, an 8-year-old elementary student in New Jersey, was suspended for wearing the wrong shade of green to school. Her school district said that they did not feel as if her shirt was dark enough to match the other children. In another article called Gurl, a 12-year-old named Elizabeth Cary has been banned from wearing her rosary because it supports a “Gang.” Being a 12-year-old, you shouldn’t be aware of what a gang is and your school should not accuse you of being in one, just because of what you decide to wear represents you and what you believe in. In a recent interview with Elizabeth, she says that she no idea of what a gang is and has no understanding of why the school won 't let her wear her rosary
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