Should Standardized Test Scores Be Required Essay

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Junior year. The best and worst time of a students' life. Many teenagers have just experience the privilege of freedom and independence of driving as well the ability to make their own decisions; However, the stress and overwhelming responsibility of college applications and of course ACTs and SATs scores can ruin it all, especially with crucial standardized test that can ultimately determine a young adults future. Most high school students spend all of second semester preparing for the SATs and ACTs. Many impressionable students depend on their test scores to get accepted into their dream school, but what if students lack test taking skills. Should one test really determine it all? Not only are standardized test scores like the SAT a waste of time, but they lack to demonstrate students full academic ability and only shows that a student has good test taking skills. For many students their dream is to one day to get accepted into their dream college. For many this is hard, but it can become even harder if students lack good test taking skills. The SAT is supposed to be a fair and accurate indicator of the basic academic abilities of a student; However, the SAT does…show more content…
Many learn skills such Writing, Math, and English, but for all these years of education many are unable to take advantage of opportunities like hand on skills and valuable information like communication, and time management. Instead they are taught to learn what will determine the rest of a students life even if it boils down to one test like the SAT. Standardized test not only lacks to measure the skills for student to succeed in their future career, but measure a student's intelligence by being able to memorize a test and cause them to develop useless skills that will only harm the and put them into shock when the have to face the real world hands
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