Why Do Government Alter Information

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In the Oxford English dictionary propaganda is defined as “Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view”. Propaganda appears in various forms as one can use different medias to spread it. We often see texts, posters, movies, pictures, speeches but websites or posts on social media can also be propaganda. Propaganda is a political tool, so it is often used by governments and not just in the past, there is still false information, propaganda, happening today. Propaganda is not exclusive to totalitarian states, democratic states also use it. The key question is: Why do governments alter information? Governments alter information to keep their population on their side. The government alters information in order to get people to follow their ideology.…show more content…
Some governments have very extreme ideas. If they want their population to adhere to their ideology, altering information is a good method. In the documentary Love, Hate & Propaganda, it is shown that Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party, made a movie about the jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland. In this movie, he changed the reality: Jews were shown as dirty, living in very bad conditions. In the movie it is never said that the nazis forced them into these horrible living conditions; they say it’s their “natural state”. That way, German people get a very negative image of Jews, it helps promoting anti-semitism. Hitler rationalized his crimes by altering information. He made jewish people look like vermin and then claimed that it was necessary to get rid of them, so he could exterminate them without people being too shocked. Changing information gives people a positive image of a bad
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