Why Do Greasers Suffer More Than Socs

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“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles.” (Charlie Chaplin). The issue is whether the Greasers struggle more than the Socs. There is more evidence for the Greasers to be struggling more from the sacrifices they make and the violence they face. One either believes that the poor kids with close friends struggle or the rich kids with no support structure struggle more. Because of the sacrifices and violence they are exposed to, the “Greasers” struggled more than the “Socs”.

The Greasers have it worse because of the sacrifices they make. Darry has to work two jobs and give up his college scholarship to keep his two younger brothers as a family (Hinton). This shows that some Greasers made a personal sacrifice to keep their family members out of a group home. It is important because some Greasers clearly do not have the option to pursue their dreams because they do not have the family and money resources. “I was coughing
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Greasers struggled far more than the Socs due to their sacrifices they made and fights they faced. They struggled for their family and friends in order to stick together and not fall apart. Dally even had to turn down his college scholarship to keep Ponyboy in school. Sodapop dropped out to help out also. Socs don’t even have to worry about any of those problems.Greasers are from the West while the Socs are from the East. This is already a big problem. The Greasers come from a poor area while the Socs are rich. Socs treat Greasers bad because of where they are from. Darry and Sodapop have to work to keep a roof over their head and to keep the family together. Johnny feels alone because his dad is abusive and his mother is an alcoholic. They always argue and that is why Johnny is never home. The Socs don’t have to go through these things, but are the ones that start
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