Why Do Guinea Pigs Make Bad Pets

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Do you want a new pet? Is a dog too lively for your lifestyle? Or have you found that you 're not a 'cat person ' and are still looking to find that perfect pet? Why not get a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs make amazing pets for so many people. They are small and cute and the majority of guinea piggies love to be held at stroked for ages.

In the wild guinea pigs, or cavies as they are also known as, live in herds and are social animals. This means that the majority of pigs, especially the sows (females) are very friendly. Of course, when you first get one, he or she is likely to be shy, but after your new pet gets to know you the he or she is likely to be very friendly.

Compared with other pets, guinea pigs don 't take up as much time - after
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Many people find that guinea piggies make excellent first pets for children as they help to teach them about responsibility for animals. Of course, a pet shouldn 't solely be a child 's; there should always be an adult present to check the guinea pig is getting the right care that he or she needs.

Another good reason for getting a guinea pig is that they are not generally destructive. Cavies are relatively well behaved and will not try to destroy everything in its path. However, you should always make sure your piggie is in a hazard-free zone.

Guinea pigs aren 't expensive pets to keep. Most pet shops and garden centres sell them for around £10-£20. Cavies can get bored easily, so ideally they should be kept in pairs or small groups, especially as they 're herd animals. Of course you can 't just get a guinea piggie (or two) - your pet(s) will need a suitable home. Hutches generally range from £40-£180 depending on the quality of the hutch. Cages tend to be cheaper, being around £15-£80, although the price will depend on what sort of cage it is and what features it has. Guinea piggies will also need a food bowl, water bottle or bowl and toys to keep them entertained when you 're away. Bedding can be bulk-bought or bought in small quantities. A large bag of hay generally costs around £4-£10. Cavies will need food (ans water). Dried foods can be bought in different quantities, (a small-medium bag tends to cost around £5). You will also need to have a constant supply of hay - for food and bedding. You may also wish to buy sawdust (be careful though as some guinea piggies are allergic to this material). You could line the hutches with your old newspapers or magazines, and put the bedding on top - remember to remove any staples first though, and avoid coloured prints as pigs sometimes chew
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