Persuasive Essay: The Banning Of Assault Weapons

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Good afternoon. I am here to help fight for the cause to save your lives. Imagine this; you are taking a test in one of your classes. Then you hear a gunshot and the entire school goes into lockdown. Your friend, or sibling gets shot, while in the hallway, but for your own safety, you can’t leave your hiding spot. When the criminal is finally arrested, there a dozens of people who have been killed, injured, or fatally injured. All because of one man with a gun. Do you really want your life to be at risk because there is no law banning assault weapons? Do you want to walk down the hallway in fear of someone coming at you with a gun? According to an article from the Washington Post, written by Christopher Ingraham, the president/founder of a public opinions research, the ban on assault weapons lapsed, or expired, in 2004. This resulted in an increase by 183% of shootings and by 239% of deaths by guns. Obviously, this is a problem, that both puts people’s lives at risk and makes some live in fear. First, the number of shootings is completely intolerable. Many innocent people die due to gun shootings. For example, information taken from the book, Gun Control states that …show more content…

Nobody likes dodging bullets because some crazy person is coming at them with a gun or walking around in fear. Remember this; America has the most gun-related deaths than any other industrialized nation and firearms are the 2nd most frequent cause of death. Many innocent human beings die from these guns and their irresponsible owners. I do agree with the people who say it is not the gun’s fault, but the person’s. But, because of those irresponsible gun owners, though, guns cannot be trusted in the hands of some adults. This is the main reason why the ban on guns is proposed. As Patrick Henry once said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” But in this case, he would be saying “give me life or give me

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