Argumentative Essay: Do Guns Kill People

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Do guns kill people or do people kill people? This question has been asked along with what other precautions we can take in school safety. There is no one solution that will solve all the problems when it comes to school safety, mental illness, or gun control, but there are ways that people can help in each of these. The fact that when we hear there is a school shooting and we do all we can to help in the short run is good, but after a period of time the public forgets, they always forget. There is a link between mental illness, and school shootings, but there is almost always more to the story then what’s on the surface. Where do we draw the line on who should own a gun or not? Is it if they have been a criminal? If they have a background of aggression or anger problems? Or do they meet the person and do a full background check on all the important parts of…show more content…
People kill people, the fact that the people use the guns to hurt people is a horrible and tragic but, there is no reason to try and take away all guns from the responsible owners who use them for protection. The way this problem can be solved is by stricter back ground checks on the people who buy the guns, not only that but also a better job of keeping guns secured so people can not steal them. If the sellers of guns do a good and well investigated background check then hopefully they will see if that person is qualified, no previous history of gun or violence in general, or had a history of mental illness. It is preposterous to think that depression is not real, or it does not have an actual effect on people’s minds. Depression is a serious disease that causes so many young adults but also grown men and woman’s lives each year. The fact is most people would not hurt other people or themselves if they do not have a mental illness like depression, the public needs to spread awareness and so support for the diseases and the people who are effected by all the
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