Why Do Hammerheads Migrate

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The Hammerhead shark is a fascinating creature, who are not like most other Sharks in the ocean. Ever wondered why their head is shaped weird? What is the purpose of it? How long do they migrate for?

The Hammerhead shark is a long, odd looking animal. on average, they 11.5 feet long, and weigh about 1,000 pounds.
The odd shaped head they have is called a cephalofoil, and it allows for 360o vision.
The Hammerhead shark has very different physical features from most other sharks.
The Hammerhead shark can be found throughout various places globally, and usually lives in warm tropical and coastal waters along continental shelves. Most Hammerhead sharks can be found deep underwater,but sometimes are found at the surface of the water, when far away from land.
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The journey took 62 days, and spread over 745 miles.

Why it Migrates It was shown that the Hammerhead shark mainly migrates when it is following food, such as the Mahi-Mahi.

Life Cycle Hammerheads are on their own from the start of birth, so much so, that when they are born, they swim away from their mothers to avoid being eaten. The oldest Hammerhead shark ever recorded was 31 years old. Summary
The Hammerhead shark is a very interesting creature, which we do not know much about. I think that we should try and learn more about these creatures because they seem to be very cool, and there is still a lot to
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