Why Do Health Disparity Matter

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• Health Disparity has been a long lasting challenge in our county, resulting in some groups of people in our county population receiving less and lower quality health care than others. Health disparity means the differences in the health categories of varied groups of people. In fact, some factions of people tend to have higher rates of particular diseases, and more deaths and suffering from them, In Philadelphia City County, health disparity are a well known problem among ethnic minorities such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos. The above-enunciated groups may be based on race, ethnicity, immigrant status, gender or sex, sexual orientation disability, geography, and income.
• On the other hand, the demographics
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This will be accomplished by using descriptive statistics, quantitative information as well as visual representations.

• According to the Health Resources and Science Administration, Health Disparity are the inequalities that happen when providing healthcare to different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups access.
• To be precisely, health disparity is mostly being referred to the dissimilaries that cannot be explained by differences when it comes down to those in need for health care, patient selections, or treatment being selected especially for minorities.

• Why Do Health Disparity Matter.
Recent surveys taken in our county have shown that Latinos, Hispanics, blacks, and Asian Americans are twice as likely to have a higher occurrence of chronic conditions and poorer health outcomes, when compared with other groups of people in our community. According to health researchers, cancer has increased by 10% higher among African Americans in the county. In addition, African Americans and Latinos are also likely to acquire diabetes as white people. This will result to an increased in 25 percent in excess cost on our direct medical costs for these group of individuals in our community owing to heath inequalities. In addition, this will result to about $ 2.5 billion dollars in losses in direct and indirect cost due to health disparities. With the population in our community projected
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• Mental disorders are the major causes of disability in Philadelphia County
• As a matter of fact, 25% of the years of most individual in this County are lost either in premature mortality or in disability
• The statistics are as follows:
• 40.2% of Philadelphia city County residents identified mental illness as either a major or moderate problem in the
• County; 5.7% said mental illness was a major or moderate problem in their own home.
In conclusion, health disparity in the county remains a persistent problem, this has to lead to certain groups being at higher risk of being uninsured, having more restricted access to care, getting poorer quality of care, and ultimately experiencing worse health outcomes. While health disparity is most of the time viewed through the lens of race and ethnicity, they happen throughout a wide range of sizes and reflect a difficult set of individual, social, and environmental factors. Disparity limits the continued improvement of the quality of care and results in unnecessary costs. It is increasingly important to address as the population is becoming more diverse. For the long time now, there has been augmented focus on reducing health disparity and a growing set of initiatives to address health disparity in the community, As the Philadelphia
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