Essay On Helicopter Parents

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Helicopter parents are harmful to their children’s lives and they must stop their overbearing ways. Helicopter parents are parents who hover their kids. They want their kids to be perfect at mostly everything. Helicopter parents want to control their children’s lives, by making all of their decisions for them. The children need to have their own life and make their own choices. Helicopter parents can be harmful because they can negatively affect children’s childhood, future, and problem-solving skills. Helicopter parents can hurt their kids childhood by first, causing them to develop childhood depression due to their obsessive parenting skills. In an article written by Dailymail, “Children with controlling parents are more likely to be depressed…show more content…
Helicopter parents can be beneficial with their child’s childhood. Having helicopter parents means they are always right beside their child, which can lead into problems. Helicopter parents are a good source for their child’s future. Parents want to be around their kids life 24/7 but, their child is growing up and need to be independent. When there is a problem at work they can't just call their parents and ask for help like they did when they were younger. They have to figure it out for themselves. Also helicopter help their child with problem-solving skills. The kids won't have any source of this skill because all their parents have been cleaning up their mistakes and getting them out of trouble. Childhood, future, and problem-solving skills all down the drain because of helicopter parents being harmful. College students need to get out and show those parents the bad consequences of being a helicopter parents by the way the students turned out to be or what everyday action they don’t know how to exceed in. The parents can prevent from being a helicopter parent by not hovering over their child as much and letting their child make their own decisions This helicopter parenting may be good in some cases but their is other where they are hurting these children’s
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