The Pros And Cons Of Honor Codes

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Are you an honorable person? would you tell if someone was doing something wrong? these two questions are important and Unwritten rules called honor codes. Honor codes have been in schools and workplaces for many years.The guidelines are simple for most iron codes. They are simply if people see or acting a wrong or inappropriate way reported to a higher authority. this includes cheating stealing or harassment in any form. IR codes can only work if the people in the society are all following it but if not the code cannot work or cause negative impact in the problem it intended to help. The broken Honor Code can lead to people feel like they have to cheat to stay ahead with the others that are cheating. although honor codes of the possibility to help a positive impact on society they are bad because without full cooperation of them members of the society the honor code will feel or have a negative impact on that Society. All honor codes depend on the members to be carried out. For this reason alone they have a large risk of failing. Donald L…show more content…
However the workplace might have a problem with fake honor rather then people cheating the system. fake honor will arise when the member and seek flaw and what the honor code stand for. Aaron Bacall posted online cartoon from Great Britain that states “Recent research has shown that spy cams can greatly improve the honor code.”In the billboard that states quote using honor codes to prevent cheating.” (cartoon) When people are watched they will be less Cooperative because they feel like they were never trust it from the beginning. This will lead to less cooperation from the member of that Society. Sally Sledge and Pam Pringle Research and found that “8% of students would report cheating” Numbers of individuals are losing faith in honor codes because of the cheating, distrust, and low

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