Do Humans Cause Global Warming Essay

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Do humans cause global warming or is it natural? Many researchers, scientists, and environmentalists are expressing concerns about changes in the overall climate of the `earth. Some believe that a dramatically dangerous warming is taking place in the overall global climate, a problem that is referred to as "global warming”. What is global warming? Global warming is an increase in the average temperature at Earth's surface (“global warming”). Global warming is all about adverse climate change caused by the trapping of greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere that affects biodiversity and poses a serious health hazard. Scientists have found strong evidence that human activities have caused most of the warming since the mid-1900 (“global warming”). Humans are responsible for…show more content…
All of the greenhouse gases contribute to the atmosphere trapping heat and warming the earth and warming the Earth has many effects. The earth being warmed, meaning from North Pole to South Pole, melts ice in the poles. The melting of the ice causes sea levels to rise and the effect of that is flooding and lost habitat for animals. Increase in temperature makes some of population of plant and animal species go down. Increase in temperature also affects the weather. When large storms hit land with these increased sea levels it causes large storm surges that can destroy anything in its paths. If temperatures continue to rise other natural disasters could occur ("Global Warming Will Produce More Katrina-Like Storms"). A warmer wetter atmosphere could spawn more tropical storms and there will be floods in places that do not get much rainfall. Humans could prevent these problems if they were to cut down on the use of fossil fuels and use more renewable energy. Renewable energy consists of wind, solar, and lunar power. Humans also could drive fuel efficient
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