Why Do I Choose Head Start

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When I was three years old my parents decided to enroll me into Head Start to provide me with an early start to my educational career. Before I attended Head Start my parents were required to take me to get an updated physical, vaccinations, and a dental exam. The required doctors’ visits along with the educational service provided by Head Start are the primary factors that have molded me into the person that I am today. The friendly and compassionate staff at Head Start who recognized physical well-being went hand in hand with a successful educational experience are the reason why I would like to pursue a career in the medical field.
Head Start was not just a child care facility. Although my parents had arduous schedules with school and work
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My love of learning helped me to excel through elementary school and upon entering high school I realized that if I wanted to continue learning beyond high school I would need to be able to fund it because the higher education system is not as gracious as Head Start. At that point in time, I had one sibling in college and my parents were supporting two other children and a disabled grandparent, therefore there was no way they would be able to fund me furthering my education. The only possible solution to this was to apply the critical thinking skills and love of learning Head Start provided me with to get good grades so that I would be able to pay for my education through scholarships. Thankfully with hard work, dedication, and the skills Head Start provided me with I was able to graduate with a high enough GPA to qualify for some Georgia scholarships and an honors scholarship for my school that is funding the continuation of my education. I am now well into my second year at Agnes Scott College where I am pursuing a degree in Biochemistry so that I will be able to help ensure the well-being of others just as Head Start did for

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