Why Do I Deserve My Mother Award

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“And the winner is… Nicole Baselice! Congratulations! You have won the Marvelous Mother award, and you have been nominated by your daughter, Joanna Schwabline. Joanna, please come up to the mic and explain why you nominated your mother for this award.” “My mom deserves the Marvelous Mother award because she has many astonishing characteristics. Nicole Baselice, my marvelous mother, deserves this award in behalf of being is hardworking, supportive, and loving.” Daily, my mom works very hard. She works multiple jobs to make my brother and I happy. For example, my mom teaches at my school to assure a valuable education. She also tutors after school so that my brother and I can pursue our passions. She drives back and forth for me to be able to get to dance and guarantee that I am there on time. My mom works extremely hard during the week so the weekend can be fun. Doing this makes it simple to take me to dance over the…show more content…
She is loving because she is supportive. Her immense amount of support contributes to the characteristic of my mother being loving. She is also willing to make sacrifices to make my brother or myself happy. My mom will do anything like maybe not buying something for herself and instead doing it for me. Her ability to have the kindness and be that loving astonishes me. This is a reason that my mother should receive the Marvelous Mother award. My mom definitely has the characteristics to win the Marvelous Mother award. She is a very hard working individual and that is definitely a reason that she deserves this award. Like I said earlier, she is very supportive in the fields of dance and daily life. Lastly, my mom is loving which is the last reason that she deserves the Marvelous Mother award. I love my mother and I cherish her for these reasons. “A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.”-
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