Why Do I Love Mexico

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I believe in family vacations to Mexico Going to Mexico is like a dream came true. It 's more than a country it 's a lifetime away and everyone should relax at this beautiful destination. Whether traveling for a vacation or for a quick getaway this destination is great for both. Mexico has truly made me a happier person and less stressed and it made me feel great when I was there because I felt like the world was open and free. This Is why I believe in Mexico and a place I love to travel to. Past experiences in this country have been so wonderful that I have traveled back again and again. and the atmosphere is way different from other countries. Mexico is a warm place to vacation, especially since many countries temperatures start to drop in the wintertime and only has a short term storm season. In the summertime, people can walk the beaches and swim in the beautiful oceans. Summertime is also very hot in Mexico on a normal summer day the temperature is 90 to 100 degrees on average, then in fall temperatures drop a little into the 80s and then in the winter time the…show more content…
A obsession in Mexico is the beaches, people that live in Mexico take multiple trips a day to local beaches because of their design and cleanliness in comparison with some other beaches around the world. People learn more about themselves when in Mexico such as jumping off cliffs people learn to be open to new possibilities and learn to take more risk after they do something once it opens up more doors to do things that scare about the past and helps people get over other fears. At first, when people do something they are uncomfortable with,they may feel tense doing something out of the normal comfort zone and after people do it and feel relieved and all stress withdrawals from your mind. Mexico is a pretty small country compared to the
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