Why Do I Want To Be A Meteorologist

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Reading the Clouds 1 I am interested in pursuing this career, because I would like to predict weather conditions and inform people about the weather. This paper will have information on being a meteorologist and how to become one. It would be knowledgeable to converse with people about the weather, because that is one thing that all people are interested in. Being a meteorologist will help protect lives and property. Meteorologist are needed to educate the public about weather conditions. I want to become a meteorologist to study the weather and inform people of the weather to come. 2 First, here are the responsibilities and requirements of this career. The responsibilities are to report current weather conditions and plan, organize, and participate in outreach programs aimed at educating the public about the weather. Two types of meteorologists are research and broadcast meteorologists. Research meteorologists study atmospheric phenomena such as lightning. Broadcast meteorologists use graphics software to develop maps and charts that explain their forecasts. I think I prefer to be a broadcast meteorologist. 9 There are important qualities or…show more content…
Another option would be to start a consulting firm that doubles your money while still being a meteorologist. You could invent a software program that makes it faster to predict dangerous storms. These are opportunities I would consider achieving. 11 The limiting factors in this career are that you could be fired from the local television station for low popularity. 12 Your family life may be affected in this career field if you wind up with a crazy shift at your weather station. Usually newbies get these shifts. You might work long hours or not have much time to be with your family (Shmoop). In all careers there are positives and negatives which a person has to
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