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It has taken me longer than the average person to make the decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree. In North America, most people graduate university in their early twenties. My path has been quite different from the norm; I am in my mid-thirties, married, a mom of a toddler, I have a full time office job and I am currently taking four 3 credit hour courses in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. I often look back and wonder why it has taken me so long to complete a bachelor’s degree. It is not because I am a lazy person or because I do not know or understand the value of higher education; I have been working since I was eighteen years old and have achieved quite a lot in other areas of my life. I have a good understanding of the value of education,…show more content…
I think that for many years, I lacked the commitment, confidence and self-leadership skills required to complete a bachelor’s degree. I did not think that I was smart enough or had the aptitude needed to complete the ninety credits required for a bachelor’s degree. This class mainly focuses on leadership that involves followers, but I approach this class as a way of learning leadership skills that I can apply to my day to day life in order to meet my objectives. Take for instance the Situational Leadership Theory; it is a theory that calls for leaders to match their styles to the competence and commitment of their employees or followers (Northouse, 2016). When I work on an assignment, I rate my course content knowledge anyway from D1 to D4. In most cases, I rate myself at D1 because the course content will be new information to me and being an online student, there is a lot of self-teaching involved; this requires a lot more self-discipline and motivation. Individuals who are at a D1 level require a S1 type of leadership, at this stage emphases is put on increasing one’s level of competence. Using the situational leadership approach, allows me to assess my competence and commitment level and then helps me identify the type of self-leadership skills that I need to adopt in order to achieve an

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