Reflective Essay: What Makes Me An Application For A Scholarship?

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What makes me an ideal candidate for the scholarship program is a very hard question to answer, in which I for one cannot answer alone. However, I can set some of my attitudes, values, and traits and share my characteristics as a person that I hope can help me to be qualified for this scholarship. First and foremost, upon applying to this scholarship, there is only one thing that is set to my mind, and that is to help my parent’s in their expenses throughout my college, I know that college is by far the most expensive enrollment that a student to enter, for this serves as a stepping stone for students success, or me rather to pursue my future career in the future. The essence of entering college serves very important part to me, for this is an…show more content…
I know that some of those weaknesses will soon arrive to give me problems and hinder me to attain my goals in life. One of my weaknesses that I can admit is that I don’t meet standards of some people, I can’t handle multi-tasking, and have a lot of problems in being a perfectionist, sometimes I solo my work and don’t ask for anybody’s help even though it requires a group work, and I can probably say that I am lazy, I can really admit that, I also believe that one of my greatest weaknesses is that I still lack the knowledge that I’ve requires me to be the best of myself, I know that there is still a part of me that is missing that I have yet to find. Though I have weaknesses, many weaknesses, I also have my strengths and those strengths I am so proud of because it has all has something to do with my weaknesses, I can say that I am sometimes a perfectionist, however my strength in being a perfectionist is I can see the better out of things. Yes I do solo work though it requires a group work, however I learned to be independent to
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