Why Do Illegal Immigrants Cause Social Problem

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Immigration is defines as the action of leaving one's home country to start a new life in another country. Immigration has been a recent topic for politicians and the new president elect of the Donald trump. Undocumented immigrants serve as a problem to our nation's economy and well being both socially and economically. Illegal immigrants pose economic and social problems in the United States. Illegal immigrants receive approximately 9.3 million dollars in benefits from the Government while they only pay 3 million dollars in taxes. There is a 6.3 million dollars needed to make up the entire 9.3 million dollars. So the American taxpayers foot the bill ( DeMint and Rector 5/7/13). The US has an fiscal debt of 17 trillion dollars, the debt because of the the illegal immigrants make up ⅓ of our fiscal debt. Illegal immigrants cause social …show more content…

They do not view them as a problem because they see some benefits from having illegal workers in the country. There are 8.4 million illegal immigrants working in the United States, these 8.4 million workers make up 5.4% of our work force(Goodman, 4/23/14). Although they pose as 5.4% of America's workforce, American citizens make up 94.6% of the workforce which is more than 17 times more than the illegal immigrant workers. Also the according to the Social Security Administration, undocumented workers contribute 300 billion dollars to social security, which is 10% of the total social security fund (Goodman, 4/23/14). Undocumented workers do contribute a considerable amount of money to social security through the taxes they pay that money would be contributed by American citizens if they had the jobs that illegal immigrants have. Although illegal immigrants do pose some benefits to our country the benefits do not outweigh the negatives. The tax burden that these illegal immigrants is footed by the American taxpayers which can be hurtful to the

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