Why Do Illegal Immigrants Commit Crimes

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With the growing crime rate in America, anyone could be in danger at any time. Opposed to what many believe, it is not only US citizens committing the crimes. With more illegal immigrants entering the country every single day, is there any way to stop it? One solution would be to send illegal immigrants who commit crimes or possess criminal records back to their home country. Since past offenders have a tendency to repeat their crimes after entering the country, they have to be supported by other citizens, and their crimes are usually more serious.
Many of American criminals are repeat offenders. A lot of immigrants flee their country to escape after committing a crime. When they reach the United States, the country is just welcoming a new
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Due to the fact that illegal immigrants usually come into the country with nothing, they find that committing crimes is their only way to live. Many immigrants find that using robbery and fraud is an easy way to gain large sums of money, seeing that they usually are unable to find steady jobs. They are also more violent. After realizing in their past country that they could get away with harsh crimes, they figure they can do it here as well. Over one hundred illegal immigrants whom were caught and released have continued to be charged with murders. Many of the criminals had already been charged with other crimes such as drugs and drunk driving before they were landed on the homicide list (Dinan). Since they are released having known of their past, this allows them to commit worse and more crimes without fear of punishment, which only adds to the increasing crime rate of the country. Many would say that taking the past criminal immigrants out of the country would not solve the crime crisis. This is true, however, it would be decreased and the people who commit the crimes would now have a greater likelihood of being caught and punished. Deporting illegal immigrants with a discovered past criminal history would not only benefit the immigration issues that America is facing, but also the increasing crime rates. Since many are repeat offenders, rely on citizens to help them survive, and commit some of the harshest crimes in the country, it would only make sense to deport them before they get the chance to cause more problems in the already problematic
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