Why Do Illegal Immigrants Negatively Affect Our Economy

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Illegal immigrant’s residency in the U.S. negatively affects our economy. Their residency here leaves less housing for our legal citizens. They only have to pay less than half the normal cost for households and only pay one-fourth of the household taxes (Dudley 88). Since they are here and need money, they’re taking job opportunities away from U.S. citizens. There has been some cases when the illegal immigrants have been getting fake or copied others social security. There are a couple theories of how they get social security. Either they’re using forged social security cards, or they only pay if they have an everyday job. They cost American taxpayers $10 billion every year (Miller 35-37). The majority of Immigrants that come here illegally pay no federal taxes or state income taxes and they don’t intend to. They also seem to think that it’s okay to take advantage of free social services and other benefits they may receive. This is only encouraging more immigrants to travel to the U.S. illegally.…show more content…
The U.S- Mexico border is 1,969 miles long and would take a rough estimate of $22.4 billion dollars to secure it. Arizona has raised $50 million in private donations for it. So we have some of the money, but nobody wants to take a step in making our border safer. The government would also have to buy some private land in order to build the fence and would also have to get border security (‘’What would it take to secure our border’’). It is obviously a huge expense, but it is something that needs to be done. In the long run we would probably be saving money because we wouldn’t have to be spending money on their mistakes. The American people also would not have to worry about their intentions for coming the United

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