Why Do Immigrants Pick Their Jobs

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It is understood that many Americans think that immigrants are stealing our jobs. They think that Americans need jobs to support themselves and lower unemployment. It is true that Americans should have first pick of jobs. At the same time American farmers are losing money because crops go to waste. In fact the washington times researched that Normally immigrants would pick the harvest at a low price and because many Americans do not want to do this job it doesn 't get done. Immigrants do the jobs people don 't want to do such as a janitor, cleaner, or construction worker. Without these immigrants to fill these positions it would have an even worse outcome. Businesses and restaurants might not be clean and get shut down for sanitary reasons. In fact the Washington times did a research and found out that “It is important to note that immigrants or their children founded more than 40 percent of U.S. Fortune 500 companies — turning their American dreams into American jobs”(engler 1). Also if we don 't have construction workers…show more content…
Immigrants help the economy by starting a small business like a local authentic restaurant.Studies show immigrants help because they start businesses like they state in this article ”Immigrants increase economic efficiency by reducing labor shortages in low- and high-skilled markets because their educational backgrounds fill holes in the native-born labor market. However, the share of immigrants in the U.S. workforce has declined since its 1991 peak. Increased immigration would expand the American workforce, and encourage more business start-ups”(Diana 1) They also make services like cleaning, gardening or nannies. They are engineers and scientist. A lot of immigrants that have repair businesses or construction are self taught. Immigrants are loyal worker and you can count on them to get the job done. They might not have the option to start a small business in their home country, maybe because it 's too expensive or just
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