Why Do Immigrants Work?

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Immigrants work hard in the jobs that they do. They receive jobs because they are qualified for them. They can not take jobs away from Americans if the jobs are given to them. Some work difficult jobs and do things that most people do not enjoy doing. It is like taking the scraps or leftovers that people do not want. They may not enjoy it but they do it so that they can make a living. But it does not seem like much of a living. In the book The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle a fictional story shows that immigrants work so hard to achieve something that seems impossible to grasp. The American dream. Many tribulations are faced in a typical day in hopes that one day their dreams would come true. The immigrants in the story lost a lot and worked hard in whatever job they could, not matter the circumstance. They were treated bad and still worked hard not focusing on the struggles they faced but seemed positive and waited for better days. The story is fictional but it is true. Immigrants do a lot and the jobs they work help us. Some immigrants change their name so that they may be able to get a job. Goldstein, Joshua R. and Guy Stecklov. "From Patrick to John F." American Sociological Review Joshua R. Goldstein studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and Guy Stecklov studied at the Hebrew University…show more content…
Most Americans instead of being bitter of their unemployment and seeing illegal immigrants make a nice living with themselves and their hard work. Instead of pointing fingers and playing the blame game, they should be inspired on how they work hard to prosper in life, help their families and survive hard conditions. They should be inspired and look at them and feel that need to succeed. Illegal immigrants are inspiring to see that being on a foreign country they still choose to try to
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